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The Hibernating House

Sandy Leahy and Kathy Tarentino

Pages: 26
ISBN: 978-145751-670-2
List Price: 12.95
Available: February 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Bears hibernate. Groundhogs hibernate. Skunks hibernate. Would you like to meet a house that hibernates? Welcome to The Hibernating House. Get ready to explore the activities of this main character as it gets cozy to sleep the winter away, awakens to the laughter of children on a warm spring day, and watches a family as it creates unforgettable memories. Take a walk through this ocean side town and glimpse the changes that take place page by page, season by season, as The Hibernating House transforms right before your very eyes.
Sh, Sh, Sh!
Quiet as a mouse
This is the hibernating house. . . .

Sandy Leahy and Kathy Tarentino, two retired early childhood teachers, have been drawn out of hibernation by their love of children’s literature. Teaching in Raynham, Massachusetts, for most of their careers, these friends and colleagues and now authors know the importance of reading daily to children, including their own six grandchildren. Their mutual love of the rhyming word, dream of writing a children’s book, and attraction to New England’s quintessential coastal towns have been the inspiration for creating The Hibernating House.
Kristine Daniels is an author, illustrator, and art educator from the seaside town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband Matt and her three “famous” Welsh corgis.