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The Healer

Michael Putzer

Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-145752-995-5
List Price: 17.00
Edition: Perfectbound

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Michael Cameron is a stockbroker highly successful as a Day Trader. He and his wife Darcy, a fi nancial secretary at St. Andrew’s Church, are in their mid fi fties and are planning for retirement although more than ten years away. Living in Madison, Wisconsin, the retirement/vacation home is all ready waiting on eighty acres of forestland outside of Hurley, Wisconsin 300 mile north of Madison. On Labor Day weekend, Michael is making the trip to Hurley by himself, as Darcy is busy moving her mother into an assistant living community. While hiking on the weekend Michael Cameron and his dog are severely mauled by a black bear. He manages to save himself and his dog by stumbling upon a mysterious cave in which to hide overnight. In the morning, he fi nds that his wounds are rapidly healing and the dog near death is now up and walking. Returning home Michael decides it is best not to say anything about the bear attack. He has no way to explain the healing only that it must be a miracle. Little does Michael know this is only, the beginning of things to come. Then on the second Monday in September, Darcy Cameron was shot in the head and neck during an attempted robbery at St. Andrew’s. Rushed to the hospital Darcy Cameron is declared brain-dead surviving only on life supports. As Michael is about to remove the life supports he prays one more time for her to be healed and miraculously she survives making a complete recovery in less than a week shocking the medical community and others. What happens next are a series of events that lead Michael and Darcy Cameron on an unimaginable journey.

The Healer is Michael Putzer’s fourth novel in addition to A Winter’s Rage, The Church and A Slippage in Time. Retired he lives with his wife, Donna on forty acres of land outside of Hurley, Wisconsin.