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The Greater Good

Scott N. Giarman

Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-145751-839-3
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction/Literary
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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There was no reason anyone should have found out about his audacious ruse, but the meddling idiots he was stuck with – isolated on the Red Planet millions of miles from Earth – had found out. And they’d had the nerve to shove his killing on the stock market in his face. Irrelevant. The narrow-minded cretins were incapable of envisioning the big picture. He served the greater good. His brilliant scheme would save science – if the fools didn’t ruin everything first. Now he was left to ponder just how far he was willing to go (accidents were ridiculously easy to arrange in the harsh and unforgiving Martian environment) to protect everything he had planned for.

Scott N. Giarman has long been an enthusiast of space exploration. He has been a member of The Planetary Society since nearly its genesis and considers founders Carl Sagan and Louis Friedman to have been crucial ambassadors of scientific exploration by sharing their unbounded enthusiasm to broaden its public appeal. The Planetary Society carries on this work to this day and Scott is proud of his pledge to donate all net proceeds from the sale of this book to the Society. Scott lives on the Hawaiian island of Kauai where he manages a tree farm of mahogany and other exotic tropical hardwood species, has been the host of Saturday Classical Selections on Kauai Community Radio since 1997 and is actively involved on the island as a community social service leader.
Scott believes that the epitome of the human spirit is the pursuit of scientific comprehension our universe, the creation of art in its myriad forms and the effort to seek out and appreciate beauty in all things. We need to be cognizant of our shared humanity and take care of one another. We must strive to preserve our environment and pass along to our children a world better than we received it, enhanced by the knowledge and wisdom we have collectively attained.
Very few manage to achieve scientific breakthroughs or create transcendent art of enduring significance, but each of us can encourage and applaud these vital endeavors. It is often difficult to recognize beauty but it is a goal to which we should always aspire. Perhaps the greatest contribution we can make as human beings may be as straightforward as simply being kind to one another.