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The Good Eggs

S. Ciara Mitaro

Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-145751-837-9
List Price: 16.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: February 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Who are Seggourney, Reggie, Megg and Greggory? They are The Good Eggs! These four friends live and go to school in the small town of Albumen. They display virtues within their community. What are virtues? Virtues are positive traits that help you and others become Good Eggs. As you read The Good Eggs, you will learn more about understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, cooperation, love, acceptance, respect, responsibility, honesty, confidence, and manners. Challenges are introduced by two additional eggs, Benedict and Peggy. The virtues of The Good Eggs are put into practice as they try to help and guide Benedict and Peggy through their difficulties. Remember – a cracked Egg should be handled with care. With some kindness and concern, a difference can be made in someone’s life! EGGStra Special Program™ You can make a difference, too! The mission of The Good Eggs reaches far beyond the town of Albumen. Through the EGGStra Special Program™, the purchase of this book means an additional copy of The Good Eggs will be given to a children’s charity at no cost to you. Together we can help develop virtues in the lives of young people. A Message to Our Adult Eggs: Think of what it would mean to give the gift of The Good Eggs to a special child in your life. Whether a son or daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, cousin or friend, we are confident that through the pages of this book, she or he will further develop the virtues that have already begun to take root.
An equally important or possibly greater gift that will take place through the purchase of the The Good Eggs is the opportunity you will give to an additional child who may not be as privileged as the child who will receive your gift. Many children do not grow up with the same advantages others may enjoy. They do not get to reap the rewards of the selfless love, support, encouragement, and positive role modeling that teach and encourage children to live lives filled with an abundance of virtue. Through mentoring, educational opportunities, and various levels of psychosocial support, many wonderful organizations have devoted their mission to filling in the gaps for some of these children. Through The EGGStra Special Program™, The Good Eggs are supporting many of these organizations to add or supplement the dimension of teaching the important virtues that make up every chapter of this book. By making this purchase, you will allow The EGGStra Special Program™ to donate an additional copy of The Good Eggs as a gift to a child being helped by one of several organizations and charities throughout the world.

We believe the virtuous life is contagious. We are hopeful that the virtues learned through The Good Eggs will be realized and imitated by all children who read this book in order to enable them to teach by way of example. The impact of your purchase will have endless potential to reach an unlimited number of children, influencing their lives in the areas of family, school, and community.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to guide the special child in your life about the mission of The Good Eggs. Encourage her/him to imagine what other children are reading this book and learning the same lessons. Envision how many children can each go out into their families, schools, and communities and be good “EGGSamples” to their friends and everyone they meet.

Thank you for sharing in our mission by helping to lay Good Eggs in the world!

S. Ciara Mitaro holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and currently teaches morality, ethics and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan. In addition to her teaching career, she has taught, developed, and implemented programs and curricula that focused on teaching children the importance of value-driven lives centered on love and the importance of living an altruistic life. In addition to the thousands of children she has guided and mentored through her teaching and service over the past 16 years, she has also raised three children of her own, who have all turned out to be very Good Eggs!