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The Followers

Shari Savoca Hantman

Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-145751-237-7
List Price: 14.99
Available: January 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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The Followers is a true story of paranormal events that continue to haunt Shari Hantman from the time she was a child to the present day, and the impact such ghostly phenomena have had on her and everyone in her life; mainly, the constant battle to rid herself and her family from the torment that engulfs their everyday lives.
Haunted by voices of spirits, ghostly appearances, and all types of unnerving sounds, Shari and her family must try any means possible to remove the spirits that torment them. The hauntings range from soft-spoken whispers, to messages written on mirrors, to the movement of objects thrown across a room. Strange knocking, moaning, and creaking, emanates from the ceilings, walls, and halls of her home on almost a daily basis.
With the support of family and friends, Shari attempts to remove the spirits through séances. Hours of video, digital recording, and photography, confirms her worst fears that the spirits are still present around her.
Refusing to give up, Shari relentlessly performs séances with the hope that one day she will free herself from the chains that bind her to the afterlife. Even after occupying several homes, Shari and her family are still sharing their lives with the spirit world as they follow them from place to place.