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The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: A Guide for Teachers and Students

Finis Jhung

Pages: 360
ISBN: 978-145753-018-0
List Price: 49.99
Category: Nonfiction
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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THE FINIS JHUNG BALLET TECHNIQUE: A Guide for Teachers & Students SECOND EDITION Updated and better than ever! We’ve made the exercise instructions more precise, and the supplementary material has been reworded for brevity and clarity. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: A Guide for Teachers and Students concentrates on the essentials for absolute and advanced beginners—of any age and body type—with an eye toward organic movement logic. Besides count-by-count instructions for every exercise, the author has fleshed out each exercise with time-tested, point-by-point descriptions and in-depth analyses of exercises, which make clear the mechanics of movement and will enable you to turn mystery into mastery. Learn to spot trouble before it happens. Solve those nagging technical problems which plague even the most advanced students. The book provides detailed notes on every exercise demonstrated in the first four DVDs of The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Series: Level 1 Barrework, Level 1 Centerwork, Level 2 Barrework, and Level 2 Centerwork. Also included are step-by-step notes on the six essential stretches and core-strengthening exercises from the DVD Ballet Plus, as well as first six exercises in The Art of Teaching Turns DVD and the first five exercises in The Art of Teaching Jumps DVD. Whether you use the book alone or with its companion DVDs, we are confident you will find the answers to your unanswered questions.

“Trainer extraordinaire, he teaches ballet dancers why they do what they do.” —The New York Times Finis Jhung teaches ballet the way it’s done on stage by the world’s best dancers. While studying these extraordinary dancers in performance and on video, he discovered that they prepare for balances, turns, and jumps in ways not taught in the traditional ballet class. In his classes and instructional videos, he teaches the “secret” preparations which result in easy balances, multiple turns, airy jumps, and musical artistry. Finis has produced more than forty-three instructional ballet videos which are used by teachers and students around the world. He began teaching in New York City in 1972 and ran his own studio until 1987. He was the founder, artistic director, and choreographer for Chamber Ballet USA and has taught at all of the major New York dance studios as well as at festivals, workshops, and competitions in the USA and Europe. He also trained the lead boys of Billy Elliot: The Musical on Broadway and on tour. As a professional, Finis danced in the Broadway, national, and film versions of Flower Drum Song. He was a soloist with San Francisco Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet, and he was a principal dancer with the Harkness Ballet of New York. His teachers were Willam F. Christensen, Valentina Pereyaslavec, Robert Joffrey, Vera Volkova, Stanley Williams, Erik Bruhn, Rosella Hightower, and David Howard. Finis has been the subject of numerous articles online and in national publications and was profiled as “Forever Jhung” on CBS This Morning.