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The Fathers’ Sins

Adriana Parrinello

Pages: 324
ISBN: 978-145752-867-5
List Price: 16.95
Category: Inspirational
Edition: Perfectbound

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For as long she can recall, Laura has lived a life of poverty and affliction. The death of her mother has left her and her older sister, Patty, to care for their baby sister, Sabrina. Matthew Duke Marcs, their illiterate, recovering alcoholic, father is finally stepping up to care for his family. On December 14, 1973, he arrives home, spouting commands to pack up for a hasty move. He promises a new life with money and riches. As the family gathers a few belongings, an armed man suddenly thrusts through their cabin door and begins to shoot. Only Laura survives. She finds she is orphaned and alone. Afraid for her life, she is hiding in a drainage ditch in the wilderness that surrounds her home, when she meets irresistibly persuasive, Tony Warren. After befriending one another, they seek shelter together. In this perilous time, he becomes her friend and eventually the love of her life. Their platonic relationship continues for three wonderful years, until a certain truth is brought to the surface, revealing an ominous side to Tony. Their lives are changed . . . forever. Laura is forced to move on without the only true love she has ever known. After months in foster care, she and her new best friend, Tammy Springer, are adopted into John and Marlene Knight’s family. Together, they become a part of the strongest bond of unconditional love that only a family can provide. Laura dares to gather her courage and live her life anew, despite the beautiful, yet haunting, memories of her time with Tony. When unexplained tragedies begin to strike at every turn, she must strengthen her faith and believe in God’s love, as never before. With His help and the help of her loved ones, Laura seeks the source from which these tragedies have derived. Yet, the deeper she delves into these mysteries, the more danger she finds herself in.

Born in 1972, into a traditional Sicilian home, Adriana was raised by her loving parents and older siblings. She is the youngest of five children, all whom live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. During her teens, she discovered a passion for writing and was inspired to create a novel. At the tender age of 14, the characters and a plot for a story were fashioned, but the book was not yet finalized. After high school, she picked up her novel again and continued to write, but only for a short while, as ‘life’ took over. In 1998, she wed her husband, Matteo, and started a family. With his support, she was motivated to incorporate her faith into her writing. In 2003, she completed her first novel, ‘The Fathers’ Sins’. Adriana’s Sicilian roots run deep and she, and her family, treasure their heritage and traditions. Yet, they live in the suburbs of Detroit, returning only to their home country for vacations. They are proud to be Italian-Americans. Throughout her life, Adriana sought comfort in the Bible and desired a deeper faith. God placed people in her life that helped to strengthen her beliefs. She is thankful that her faith did not waiver, when it was ultimately tested, in high school. It was then that she made a choice for Christ. She was unable to shake the yearning and hunger she felt for His Word. She began intense weekly Bible studies the first few years of her marriage. Adriana’s faith grew in great measures and suddenly she realized her two passions could be combined. Six years, and two children later, she, alas, attempted to finish her novel. Only, her faith and life experiences would reflect in the story. With the help of her husband, who assisted in caring for their two boys, she took the story and transformed it. Adriana was finally able to finish her first novel and even begin its sequel. In 2005, her family grew larger with the birth of their youngest boy. Still, she continued being a homemaker by day and a writer by night. Despite the trials of staying in God’s word, preserving a healthy marriage, raising three boys, caring for elderly parents, and maintaining a house, Adriana was able to complete the third novel of the series. The fourth book, the prelude to the first three, is now in the works. With God’s help, she looks forward to sharing these stories. She prays they will encourage and strengthen the faith of those who read them, in these troubling and wearisome times.