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The Emperor and the Sword: The Rise After the Fall

Keith LaVelle

Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-145752-785-2
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The Emperor and the Sword is a fi ctional novel set in the early twenty-fi rst century. After a series of catastrophic attacks the United States of America is thrust into a state of martial law. Disorder, misery and suffering rule the day. The survival of the nation and its people is at question as internal and external adversaries vie for domination. The principal character is a man named Michael Balian. Once a teacher and aspiring farmer from the Midwest he is thrust into a prominent role by divination and personal tragedy. Assisted by students, family, friends and those with far reaching motives he sets out to fulfi ll an unwanted destiny and assist in the restoration of Western culture as designed by the Founding Fathers. While the battle for the hearts and minds between the philosophical views of both Left and Right continue, sides are drawn, allegiances chosen. Geo-politically, the war to end all wars, again, is thrust upon the citizens of all realms. In the end, a new world order will be fashioned and to the victor go the spoils. History conveys the fact that all republican forms of government go through an accepted sequence from success to failure. In this story the author uses the chronicles passed on by man to justify the fi ctional account of a fallen republic into its natural evolutionary state of empire.

Keith LaVelle resides in Williams Bay off the shores of Lake Geneva, WI. He has a Master’s degree in International Relations with an emphasis in World History and Political Philosophy. As a certifi ed educator in secondary education he currently works with at-risk adolescents as a counselor, mentor and tutor. He is a member of St. Benedict’s parish, a private pilot and martial artist.