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The Diaries of Sa’ Mara Psalms, Volume I: Tears, Honey, Hip-Hop and Passion

Sa’Mara Psalms

Pages: 116
ISBN: 978-145752-640-4
List Price: 19.99
Category: Nonfiction
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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I give to you my poetry; torn directly out of the pages of my diaries. Where I put ink to paper, expressed my most inner private feelings, where I wrote prayers to GOD, romantic love letters, poems, psalms, mantras and just ultimately let my gift of writing that GOD gave me take over my diary’s pages. This poetry book is the writings from my very first diary out of many, many, many more. Volume one: Tears, Honey, Hip-Hop and Passion were written at the end of September of 2001 through all of 2002. After, the horrifying national tragedy of 9-11 everything had an expiration date stamp on it in my mind, and the reality of nothing will be forever resonated deep into my soul. I didn’t waste my precious breath on procrastination’s road to nowhere. So, I started seriously documenting all the poems that were birthing out of my soul, archiving them and dating each one after they were finished; unaware and never knowing, or even having the intent; that one day I would share them with the world. Writing was my healing mechanism, my release instrument, my mentor, my counselor, my shoulder to lay on, my pillow to be wet from my tears, and my place to go to, and repent my sins. The paper in my diaries became my communication vehicle straight to GOD’s ears, and the ink was my heart, and I wanted to talk to GOD every day to ease this pain from my heart from LOVING a man who never made me feel LOVED or even reciprocated the LOVE in our relationship. The poems that developed were like GOD’s advice and revealed answers to me, and gave me the strength, and peace to keep going. My own poetic words healed my broken heart; dried my constant tears, and consoled me during my amusement park ride of LOVE. I learned one of the most important lessons in life that LOVE is not rejection in any form or fashion. So, I pass this precious lesson on to the amazing women around the world. I’m giving you the keys to my diaries; a window to my soul, and unveiling my heart; so, open, look, feel, and read my truth in a point of time in my life.
Go on The Diaries of Sa’ Mara Psalms journey, and read all my volumes that are coming out soon, and read how my poetry evolved year to year; the chronological love events; and the realistic poetic experiences; the ups and downs of LOVE in a lyrical form will be unforgettable, and relatable to your own LOVE expedition that your life has bestowed onto you. Much LOVE to all my readers!

I was born in one of the steamiest, high humidity, and warmest months during the year; yes, August; in Houston, Texas. Writing poetry, songs, lyrics, drawing, painting, fashion design, and music has always been a part of my life since a very young age. I was in my school’s talent show at the age of 10, entered the art shows, was in my middle school’s band and sang in my high school’s gospel choir. Creativity was always second nature to me. I have confidence that my poetry will resonate strength into your soul, and will be comparably relatable to you; while opening your eyes wide to what real LOVE is in a relationship, and will be overwhelmingly heartfelt, and the words will feel engagingly alive right off the pages to you; while healing your own LOVE wounds from LOVING a man who continuously hurt you, because it did for me. I wasn’t healed right away; each time the ink embraced the paper, and my own words boomeranged back into my face; I stood up after the poem was finished stronger, and wiser than before. I’ve been writing my healing poetry for over eleven years, and as I wrote each volume, my tears fell less and lesser every year, and I progressively turned my face toward real LOVE, and toward the lesson of learning and recognizing real LOVE. I’m using my poetry to open up my reader’s hearts to real LOVE, and not to let pseudo expressions of LOVE keep you captive in bad relationships for years; while letting real LOVE pass you by the wayside. My poems will create poetic imagery of my historical falling in LOVE excursion experiencing poppy LOVE, young guiltless LOVE, naive LOVE, zealous LOVE, heartache, disappointment, confusion, and my unawareness that this relationship I was in wasn’t really LOVE at all. You will be able to read first-hand into my passionate thoughts, secretive, and sometimes seductive emotions, and never heard inner dialogue as I went through my relationship that I knew was not making me feel LOVED, and how the sweet with the bitter kept me on this relationship’s ride to nowhere; as you turn the pages, you will see how the relationship evolved, and decreased through time. Through my experience, I want my readers to know their value, and to always go toward real LOVE, and know that real LOVE does not diminish, devalue, degrade you, or even disregard you. You will also read poems I wrote to GOD, poetic stories, and uplifting words that came to me during the years of 2001-2002. Ultimately, you also may start your own healing from that similar place you may be in, in your life now through poetry.