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The Case That Would Not Close

R. J. Waters

Pages: 296
ISBN: 978-145752-516-2
List Price: 16.95
Category: Fiction
Available: January 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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A young police officer working the graveyard shift in a small California town discovers a young woman’s body minutes after her murder takes place. In fact, Officer Bob Carson might have seen the truck involved in the incident. The case becomes an obsession, with Bob wondering if he could have prevented the brutal crime. Bob follows clues wherever he can find them, even when he becomes an EMT and then a detective with another agency.
When a similar homicide happens, as well as others around the country, Bob identifies a suspect – a long-haul trucker. When the killer disappears and another trucker of similar appearance is murdered, Bob knows it can’t be a coincidence. The trail leads to a showdown on a rainy day in Portland, Oregon, but can Bob bring the cold-hearted killer to justice and wrap up the case that has haunted him for years? The Case That Would Not Close serves up excitement, camaraderie, violence and romance with a dash of humor thrown in, showcasing the realities that exist in real-life law enforcement departments across the country, no matter what their size.

R.J. Waters has lived the life the book portrays and uses his imagination to transform his real-world experiences in law enforcement in the public and private sectors into a believable novel. Waters already is working on a second book that will continue the adventures of P.K.
and Captain Carson. Waters and his wife, Penny, live in Las Vegas.