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The Case of the Missing Corpse

D.M. Stover

Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-145755-477-3
List Price: 10.99
Category: Fiction
Available: April 2017
Edition: Perfectbound

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Poor Clarissa went to a party with her new best friend. He was everything she dreamed of in a young man. He was tall with soft black hair and deep dark blue eyes. He came from a well-to-do family that lived on a hill in the best part of town. He also had a new set of wheels! He was perfect. Clarissa had a few drinks and before she knew what was happening, she woke in a hotel room in the morning—alone! Clarissa looked around the room and saw her clothes on the floor. So she lifted the covers and found to her amazement that she had nothing on.
When Clarissa went to work that day, she couldn’t get her new lover on the phone. At school on Monday, he was too busy to talk in between classes. Sure enough, Clarissa was with child—triplets, to be exact! She found a doctor from an ad at the bus stop. She told him she had little money and had been thrown out by her mother. The kindly doctor took care of Clarissa. When it came time for the birth, Clarissa got one baby and the doctor took her other two, putting them out on the black market.
The story is about the interaction of the boys, one of whom became a lawyer, one an FBI agent, and the other a very bad man who ran a gambling establishment. Let’s see what happens when all three meet , in the case the FBI called “The Case of the Missing Corpse.”

David Stover was born in Detroit, Michigan in March 1952. His father died in 1960 and the family (mother Helen with brother Edward and sister Thelma) moved and spent a year in Akron, Ohio, then moved to Huntsville, Alabama, and finally settled in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he now enjoys the state about which he writes.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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