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The Book of Words

Vasile Munteanu

Pages: 1012
ISBN: 978-145752-639-8
List Price: 75.00
Available: March 2014
Edition: Hardcover (No DJ)

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The word can conceal or reveal different emotions, states of mind and ways of expression. It can open or close entire worlds of imagination and possibility. It is the conduit that can rise or dissipate hopes and expectations of individuals by the way it is presented. It has the power and ability to change situations for the better or for the worse simply by the way it is put across. The word holds within itself all meanings, intended and otherwise. Its power cannot be overestimated. The book intends to pay homage to this attribute.

Vasile Munteanu has a B. A. and M.A. degree in Literature from Oakland University in Michigan and a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture from State University of New York at Binghamton. He teaches at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. His other works include Godmaker, The Book of Aloneness, The Book of Remembrance, Chandala, The Unthought, Forgotten Words, The Book of Intentions, The Book of Insistence, The Book of Longing, The Book of Sorrow, The Book of Distance and The Book of Books.