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The Adventures of Fluffer Bunny

John Schoonmaker, illustrated by Kristine Anthony

ISBN: 978-145752-861-3
List Price: 4.99
Available: April 2014

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Fluffer is a rabbit who lives in a giant forest. He has very short ears for a rabbit, and is picked on by the other rabbits in the forest because of it.

Fluffer is willing to do anything just to fit in. After lots of thinking, Fluffer Bunny comes up with a creative way to trick the other rabbits and feel cool at the same time. Things do not work out the way Fluffer had hoped.

Not until Fluffer risks it all does he gain the respect of all the other rabbits in the forest. Fluffer learns that being proud of who you are is really the coolest thing of all. We are all different and unique.

As a child, John Schoonmaker was picked on and bullied. In 7th grade he was beat up by two kids on the way home from school. It was at this point that something changed in him. He became more outgoing, trained, and exercised. Schoonmaker learned how to stand up for himself. He came realize that it never matters what others think of you, but only what you think and believe of yourself. From that moment in his early childhood until, he has committed himself to being a voice for “the every man”. John has hosted radio shows, been on TV and written for magazines all over the world. He lives his life by the belief that one should not have to work to fit in. One should enjoy the people around them and encourage one self. You can truly do anything you want, so never listen to those who tell you, you cannot do something. The world can be a wonderful place if only we just let it be.

About the Illustrator: Kristine Anthony, M.A. is a trained art therapist and applied specialist. She is an accomplished painter and professional mural artist. Her three beautiful boys, Jake, Luke and Dylan are her pride and joy. She is engaged to the love of her life, who also has three lovely children, Alyssa, Nicky and Andrew.