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T-Bone the Flying Horse

Janice Virant

Pages: 26
ISBN: 978-145755-310-3
List Price: 8.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: April 2017
Edition: Perfectbound

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Special friendship brings Magical Adventures to girl and her Flying Horse!

T-Bone is a reject racehorse that luckily gets adopted by a sweet, lonely girl. As their extra, special friendship grows, so do the strange stumps on T-Bone’s shoulders. The power of their bond makes T-Bone magic…and those stumps sprout into enormous golden, red wings! The two great friends set off on a grand global adventure! Their many fantastic adventures include: soaring over the Grand Canyon, gliding over the Golden Gate, galloping down the Great Wall, and even enjoying a pastry at the Eiffel Tower! Join the pair on their magical rhyming romp around the world!

Janice Virant lives in Wildwood, Missouri. She grew up on a farm here. An avid horsewoman, T-Bone was her adopted racehorse whose beauty and unconditional love inspired this story. When not creating fun, rhyming stories about her real-life pets she works as a Registered Nurse. She enjoys horseback riding, cooking, skiing, hiking, and yoga. She mostly enjoys time with family and friends. She has a BS in nursing and a BA in theatre.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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