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Strategic Honesty: How to be Good and Rich

Gopu Shrestha

Pages: 72
ISBN: 978-145753-228-3
List Price: 9.99
Category: Nonfiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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Honesty as a way to become wealthy? Sounds too simple, and a bit naïve. There are a lot of good people who are poor, you might suggest. Yes, that is true. Honesty alone will not insure fi nancial success. But strategic honesty will. It is no secret that many are facing poverty for the fi rst time in their lives. The desperation of fi nancial distress can leave people feeling powerless and angry. Job opportunities have shrunk, savings have gone up in digital smoke, and talk about the shrinking middle class is on the nightly news. Gopu Shrestha’s three step method offers those struggling fi nancially a way to turn their strength of character into a money-making tool. Everyone has access to integrity–rich and poor alike. Based on his personal journey from dire poverty to wealth, Shrestha shows how to achieve the fi nancial success you deserve and the peace of mind you desire.

Gopu was born into an impoverished, illiterate family in Nepal. His father struggled to put Gopu through school. When Gopu was 14, his father died, leaving Gopu the head of his family. Many encouraged him to give up his dream for an education, and get involved in dishonest dealings prevalent in his community. But he refused and stayed in school. From that point on, his life’s mission was clear to him—to show that the way out of poverty is not through cheating or taking advantage of others, but through personal integrity and perseverance. Today, he has 3 master degrees in Software Engineering, Management and Business Administration, owns a home in Kathmandu, Nepal, and supports his family in the United States. A member of Toastmasters club, Shrestha is a motivational speaker to businesses, community organizations and non-profi ts.