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Stop! Think; Are You Killing Your Pastor?

Ira Gilbert

Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-145752-537-7
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Category: Inspirational
Edition: Perfectbound

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Many believers who are sheep have put so much on our pastor’s shoulders. When we neglect our own responsibility as sheep to help shape, mold, build the Body of Christ, as well as to help guide new converts of faith. As a pastor, I did not have a notion about God’s sheep, so I began my journey to discover how to shepherd God’s sheep. Much to my surprise, I found many different kinds of sheep: faithful and unfruitful sheep, gossiping sheep, lying sheep, sheep who cannot be trained, dishonest sheep, messy sheep, faithful sheep, blessed sheep, loving sheep, and more. We have so many different types of sheep of various levels of faith and commitment, but there is hope in the Body of Christ.
Are you blessing to your pastor and leaders? Are you a sheep who brings joy or pain? This story is one of feelings and how our feelings cannot drive our relationship with God, because we have the mind of Christ. When we allow our minds to be in control then we are unfruitful to God and will become a tool for the enemy to plant seeds of bitterness. Our emotions are true, but they are an enemy to your purpose and the Will of God.

Ira Lee Gilbert, born and raised in Flint, MI, attended Flint Southwestern public schools where he was involved with sports. Graduating in 1976, he attended Saginaw Valley State College as well as Mott Community College. Ira went to work for AC spark plug—a GM factory in Flint. He retired in 1997.