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Still Here

Edith Foley

Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-145753-022-7
List Price: 25.99
Category: Nonfiction
Available: September 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Still Here a consequence of Never Gone, brought forty two related individuals together on what was called E-day. Together they explored family roots in Groningen, the most northern part of the Netherlands with windmills built by their forefathers and historical spots linked to their name. This interesting group of scientists, inventors and artists, with the best education and accomplished lives met, some for the first time. In lively conversation they discovered each other’s similar traits and interests.

After two weeks in the Netherlands, the author moves on to Germany to visit her sister. In the beauty of its historical towns she perceives the wounds of war still left in its people. In 2009 Edith wrote Under and Up Again, an account of growing up during the Second World War in Nazi Germany and beyond. She has lived in the United States since 1955 and since 1978 in Maryland