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Sterling Honor

Gregory Coffin

Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-145752-760-9
List Price: 16.99
Category: Fiction
Available: March 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Regina Rosalind is a physical beauty to go along with having a great intellect and a poetic soul. Sterling Bartholomew has the great intellect and poetic soul, but is greatly ugly. He has his own school teaching both philosophy and martial arts. Christina Nadia has the beautiful face, and has newly enlisted in Sterling’s school. Both have good souls, and are warriors. Regina first chooses Christina because of seeing in Christina the great poetic soul with the beautiful face. However, Christina is not the intellect or poet. Sterling loves Regina, but as she decided as she did, and as Christina wants to be a student, Sterling hones Christina to be the poet and intellectual as much as a warrior, for Regina. That honed Christina further captures Regina’s heart, but in trying to be that new woman, Christina sees that she is losing herself. The question comes to Regina: will she love Sterling and his masculine ugliness, but poetic soul, or Christina’s beautiful, feminine body and good heart?

Who is the one that we love?-who are we when we love? Are we the body we inhabit, or are we the mind and soul within the body? To what extent are those parts of our being commingled? In 1897, Edmond Rostand first put those questions into a story for the stage with Cyrano de Bergerac. Sterling Honor is a modern-day adaptation that asks the same questions, but takes them to a deeper level when the two would-be lovers consist of one man and one woman. As we do not live and act in isolation, but live in society, there are those in society that influence how we grow to be who we are. Is that one we are to become ultimately our own creation, or are we formed by those who wish us to conform?