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Steal It Sam

Tom Graham

Pages: 142
ISBN: 978-145752-415-8
List Price: 8.99
Available: November 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Steal It Sam, is a coming of age story set in 1961 in a small town in Indiana. Sam is a nine year old, under sized boy being raised by his single mother.
Now Sam’s dream has come true, he is on his first Little League team.
Through Sam’s eyes you’ll get insight on how each of his teammates handles the stresses of competition and interaction with each other. A series of events thrust young Sam into several life altering experiences. With the help of his wily grandfather Sam deals with life’s problems through baseball. Using the blazing speed he inherited from his father he soon becomes famous for stealing bases. But after leading his team to the division championship game life unfolds with a dangerous and vivid twist.
Steal It Sam, shows how the game of baseball transcends generations and people from all walks of life can find a common ground on the baseball diamond.
You’ll fall in love with Sam and enjoy all the characters that help mold his young life.

Tom was born and raised in the same small town as his father and his grandfather.
He has enjoyed SCUBA diving, bass fishing, sky diving and he still rides a motorcycle. He traveled through the Midwest working in the commercial and industrial insulation trade for thirty years and sold real estate for twenty one years. Tom coached youth baseball for thirteen years and his observation of players highs and lows as he helped mold them into young men.
In Tom‘s words, “Nothing stirs me more than when a forty something man walks up to me, puts his arm around me and says, how you doing coach.” Tom has fifteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren and never misses their ball games. He always stressed good base running and expects he will get another good base runner before he touches all his bases.