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Standardbred Sport Horses

Kathleen H. Kirsan

Pages: 694
ISBN: 978-145755-527-5
List Price: 57.00
Category: Prof. Reference & Textbooks
Available: May 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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First and foremost this is a reference, history, and evaluation of the American Standardbred for the North American sport horse breeder and competitor. With ample documentation through historical sources, pedigree evaluation, DNA studies, and performance records you will learn that the Standardbred is not just a harness prospect, but in fact is one of the best all-around ridden sport horse breeds—and has always been so right from its creation. This book provides much evidence on the true origin of equine sport, not just in the American breeds but worldwide as well. Sport talent is identified in these breed’s ancestors and followed right down through the generations to the modern potent carriers. And you will discover these talented sport sources did not just power our best achievers, but top European competition horses and provided leading sire lines in worldwide sport, winning for WBFSH members even while being systematically banned from the European product. You will meet contemporary competitors from around the world riding Standardbreds to victory in open competitions in all manner of Olympic style sport. With the knowledge provided, the sport horse breeder will be able to choose with confidence the bloodlines best suited for their goals. Several topics which were discussed and enlarged in my previous two books come to completion here, such as the origin of the jump trait which is the power behind every successful modern jumping horse, is traced back through its major branches right to its root. More data is compiled about the true foundation of dressage ability. Another subject covered is the crisis the American breeder of sport horses finds themselves in our new international arena, with some surprisingly simple solutions provided.
Throughout the book there are over 200 pictures and over 200 full page pedigrees, as well nine appendices, a full bibliography and three indexes.

Kathleen Kirsan is an equine writer with a well-respected website: www.sport-horse-breeder.com, and is the author of three books on the sport horse: North American Sport Horse Breeder, Legacy of Lexington and now Standardbred Sport Horses. An expert on Tesio Methods, sport horse pedigrees and sport horse history, she is often consulted by individuals and breed organizations. She is instrumental in returning the lost knowledge of the first American sport horse breed, the Running Horse, back to the American equestrian, and has unraveled other mysteries such as the origin of the jumping trait—all through decades of historical and pedigree research. She is an outspoken critic on the monopoly the European Union has attempted in sport horse breeding.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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