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Spiritual Wellness

Jeffrey L. Hardy

Pages: 152
ISBN: 978-145752-673-2
List Price: 12.95
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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In today’s society, many people spend a great deal of time working to maintain their physical and mental fitness while neglecting their spiritual well-being. Learn what it takes to maintain a healthy walk with God. In Spiritual Wellness, author and speaker, Jeffrey L. Hardy, discusses the importance of having a regular spiritual workout. Using biblical principles, he offers a plan for developing a foundation for maintaining spiritual wellness. Distinguishing between being spiritually well and spiritual illness, the author offers biblical “stepping stones” to use as a spiritual workout. With the importance of forgiveness in maintaining spiritual wellness, an entire chapter is devoted to discussing forgiveness from a biblical perspective. The author differentiates between worldly concepts of forgiveness as opposed to a biblical perspective on forgiveness. What is forgiveness? Why should we forgive? What does God’s Word say about forgiveness? Find out in Spiritual Wellness.

Jeffrey L. Hardy is Founder and President of Images of Hope. Building from issues in his own life, he founded Images of Hope as a means to minister to other believers in helping them grow spiritually while reaching out to the lost to bring them to Christ in salvation. Living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jeffrey enjoys working with the children in the transportation ministry in his church. While not serving in this ministry, he enjoys speaking to teens and adults in various settings.