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Soul Sold Signs: Of the South

Bucky Jones and Eloise Veal

Pages: 102
ISBN: 978-145752-855-2
List Price: 31.95
Category: Nonfiction
Edition: Hardcover (No DJ)

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Strewn along the interstates, blue highways, and back roads—all across the South, there are Churches. They come in all shapes, sizes and denominations. But, they have one thing in common. SIGNS. Hand-lettered signs, planted by the roadside, either quoting Scripture, or containing cleverly worded sayings, all designed to be attention grabbing, thought provoking and memorable. All for the purpose of providing a mini-sermon to everyone who passes by. Sadly, the authors discovered in preparing this book that these familiar parts of Americana are quickly fading from view. These “hand-lettered” signs are being replaced by “electronic digital” signs, some of which are pictured here. These fancy new signs deliver the same messages, but will never deliver the same soul.

Bucky Jones and Eloise Veal are photographers and writers who live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains just outside the quaint, small town of Brevard, NC. They are always on the lookout for unique ideas to present to the world in picture book form. Their ideas require a lot of travel, which they both enjoy very much. With so much of the world changing at “techno” speed, they have decided to devote their work to, and to preserve, as much “Americana” as possible. This book, as well as others, already in the planning stages, is about holding on to the things that are good about America, whether religious, spiritual or secular. “Coffee Table” books that will serve to inform, possibly transform, and at least bring a smile to the faces of tomorrow’s generation – – who will hopefully take a few minutes to put down the latest and greatest smartphone, pick up a book like this, and learn a little about what came before. For those of us who have lived through this last 50 years in America, we have all learned that we can’t hold on to the past, but we can open this book, thumb through its pages for a little while, and remember it – and enjoy it again.