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Sitting Pretty

Carol White

Pages: 248
ISBN: 978-145752-534-6
List Price: 14.99
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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From rural areas of the country to Park Avenue and Boca Raton, Carol White’s Sitting Pretty includes stories of romance, mystery, suspense, friendship, betrayal, family, food, and fantasy. Find out how Milton Sharkle communicates with humans in Interview with a Shark. In Suburban Vampire you’ll learn how a female vampire copes in her new surroundings. Have your coffee and donuts with war veterans in The Men’s Club or walk along the lake with Herb in The Hatching. Sitting Pretty easily moves from city to countryside settings. In Marshy Jenkins, a young wife is accused of murdering her husband in a small town during the sixties, and the award-winning title story, Sitting Pretty, a coming of age narrative about a Chinese girl who champions through an unspeakable trauma, takes place in Manhattan. Don’t miss Sitting Pretty’s bonus novella, Reptilian, a creepy, dark, and satisfying tale. White’s fans will not be disappointed in these imaginative stories, and her signature food and drink references run throughout the book. The unusual grouping of stories: Rural Stories, Hers, His, Extras, End Story, and Bonus Novella, lets the reader choose which section they want to begin with, or savor the book from beginning to end. Carol White defines her characters so clearly that you’ll feel like you know them. Sitting Pretty will have you rooting for Annie Morton in Claudio’s Garden and Rhoda Daniels in Reptilian. In Convenient Friendships, you’ll explore a realistic friendship that sours, and in Leaving Easy, a selfish woman learns how to deal with an old friend instead of walking away. Help Rachael make a decision in The Trouble with Boy Toys, and see if Lila and Melanie reconcile with their father in The Red Tile Floor. White’s ability to speak from the male point of view, including that of a shark’s, is extraordinary. You’ll laugh at Christopher’s dilemma on his blind date in The Dating Game and at Martin Corwith’s murderous plot in Fire Sale. In Kitchen Kill, Norman Crane takes you through culinary descriptions that will have your mouth watering and Jake Jones spins a slice-of-life story about his days in the circus in Keeping Up. Sitting Pretty is a work of fiction, but The Men’s Club was written as a tribute to a group of World War Two veterans who gather for coffee in Boca Raton, and who were interviewed by the author for this very short affectionate story. If you’re a Godfather fan, you’ll enjoy Tom’s Story, a posthumous story about Tom Hagen. You’ll find out in his own words how everything ties up in the Corleone family. Sitting Pretty, a work of twenty short stories and one bonus novella, is sure to delight, frighten, and enlighten readers.

Sitting Pretty, a book of twenty short stories and one novella, is Carol White’s third novel. She is also the author of the triple-award winning novel From One Place to Another and Hidden Choices. A playwright and columnist, she is a transplanted New Yorker living in Delray Beach, Florida. White’s articles, essays, stories, poems, and columns have appeared in The Sun Sentinel, Writers Journal, Insight for Playwrights, Working Writers, Woman’s World Magazine, and The Florida Writer. She began her career in 2001 as a monthly humor columnist for Senior Scene, a South Florida publication. She is also a frequent fiction contributor to the East Hampton Star Newspaper. White is an officer for the National League of American Pen Women and a long-standing member of the Boca Raton Branch. She belongs to the South Florida Theatre League, The Florida Writers Association, and a boutique group of authors called The Booklovers Bench. Their website is www.bookloversbench.com. Her novels are on sale at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and all online booksellers. Murder on the Beach Bookstore and Shining Through, businesses located in downtown Delray Beach, also carry White’s books. Her fourth novel, a romantic mystery which takes place in White’s home town of Delray Beach, will be published in 2014. White is a published poet and led a poetry workshop for many years. Her plays have been produced and staged in over twenty theatres across the country, including two off-Broadway productions. Her full-length award winning play, The Road to Remsenburg was produced in Miami Lakes by the Main Street Players as part of South Florida Theatre League’s summer series. As former Executive Producer for the Boca Raton Theatre Guild, White worked in every facet of the theatre for nearly a decade—from backstage dresser to producing full-scale musicals. She also moderated a playwright critique workshop during that time. She has mentored high school and college students advising them on theatre production and has given many young actors their start in community theatre. She recently organized a playwright workshop at the Delray Beach Playhouse, which will present an annual showcase of participants’ plays. As Letters Chair and Publicist for the National League of American Pen Women, White organizes and presents book events and workshops representing over twenty authors in local libraries, women’s clubs, colleges, theatres, independent living facilities, and other venues. She’s involved in a number of community volunteer organizations and enjoys cooking, reading, travel, theatre, and hanging out with family and good friends. To learn more about Carol, join her Facebook page Carol White Fiction, follow her on Twitter @polowhite, or email her at polowhite@aol.com.