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Silhouettes and Seasons: Essays and Images of a Personal Nature

John C. LaRizzio

Pages: 188
ISBN: 978-145752-270-3
List Price: 14.95
Available: October 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Silhouettes and Seasons is a deeply personal meditation, a collection of essays intent upon forging a deeper connection with our true nature, a sentient succession of seven years of seeking soulful possibility and transcendence. It is a journey to uncover an inner self that is innate but unfamiliar yet still bears an intuitively authentic fit. The essays serve as an open invitation to immerse yourself in the moment, to seek the awakening of your anesthetized senses to the world in which you dwell, to seek the sublime submerged in the subliminal. The seemingly disparate tales conspire to trace a life of perpetual transition, the unbroken ebb and flow of endings and beginnings that can only be given birth on the basis of our conscious choosing. The thoughts expressed are intended to be deeply contemplative and acutely introspective, but by no means absolute. The views are framed in ways that the author hopes will inspire the reader to examine and embrace his or her own spiritual and philosophical leanings.
Time and again, the author seeks out the healing graces, ethereal inspiration, and timeless wisdom that nature offers those willing to devote the time and to pay close attention. The wisdom latent in the passing of the season, the day, the hour, indeed the very instant, holds truths for our personal interpretation. The truths, he believes, lie unique to each individual’s comprehension and perception. We are encouraged to seek the answers true to our own specific natures, which speak with an eloquence that only the individual can understand.
Life is portrayed in the endless ebb and flow within hours and days that compose the breadth and depth of our existence. We are urged to immerse ourselves in the rhythms of the seasons and to find our places within life’s pace and cadence. Among the pictures and the pages are essays chosen because they trace an aberrant skew of what we would ordinarily view to command a conventional consensus. Their intent is to entice the reader to give thought to the viewpoint considered and to urge a reasoned response that is intrinsically the reader’s own, but of an honest dissenting nature. The author began this journal with the solemn promise that it was not his intention to preach or prod or profess his thoughts as absolute truths or irrefutable conclusion. No words are offered to either persuade or reproach, but rather to prompt, inspire, and awaken. These lines are humbly presented as a means to his personal self-expression, to encourage you to seek the life that lies deep within and to give birth to your unique introspection and expression. If the author has given you pause to allow one private thought to give birth to a previously unspoken intrinsic self-expression, then his words have humbly succeeded.

From childhood nature has always occupied a prominent place in the author’s life, but it took reading the published works of Henry David Thoreau for him to realize the spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical affinity that was to shape the course that would inevitably lead him to these literary interpretations offered in this book. It took the soaring prose of Walden, read and reread, to coalesce the author’s past and present into his intimate search for a life that he could claim well-lived. An engineer by education and profession, the author is a graduate of Penn State University and a former project engineer, engineering manager, and director of engineering for a major US corporation. After thirty-five years, he left the corporate world in pursuit of other lives that he believed were waiting to be lived. The pursuit continues. Writing and nature photography are preeminent among the paths the author has chosen. All the images included in this text were selected from his work.