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Siggy and the Bullies

Blanche R. Dudley

Pages: 42
ISBN: 978-145751-993-2
List Price: 14.95
Available: June 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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SIGGY AND THE BULLIES is a charming adventure with an important message about bullying for younger readers.
Beautifully illustrated, the book tells the story of Siggy, a lovable one-winged mockingbird who is bullied by two larger birds. Siggy’s quick thinking and talent help him escape a high-speed chase, turn the table on the bullies, and win the admiration of his friends and adopted family. Siggy’s story, complete with discussion questions, can be a useful tool in helping parents, teachers— and anyone who loves a child—teach kids how to stay safe, if being bulled. Siggy’s tale is also unique in its approach to fostering simple communication about diversity, tolerance, and overcoming physical challenges. But just as important for the young picture book crowd, SIGGY is a fun, fun read!