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Shooting Range: A Murder Mystery

Thomas P. Son

Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-145752-875-0
List Price: 12.99
Edition: Perfectbound

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A sniper is terrorizing the citizens of Astro, Missouri. Shots are fired from bridges, from cars on the highways, and from spots along rural dirt roads. None of the victims seem to have any connections, and the police need special assistance.

Michael and Jennifer Lincoln join the search for this killer after the sniper uses them for target practice. As an undercover investigation team, they’ve experienced the sleuthing side of crime on many occasions. Now that the sniper wants to add two more notches to the belt, the Lincolns must understand why they are potential victims, who to trust in protecting their family, and how to track down the killer.

The author enjoys writing fiction, particularly adventure series and murder mysteries. He was born in Creston Iowa, and he has an Irish/German heritage. An eager traveler, the author has been in every state in the continental United States. He likes sunrises and sunsets and enjoys walks along the beach on the east and west coasts.

The author is older than the picture shown in the book, yet he enjoys the gift of good friendships and exploring the wonder of life.