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Shifting Times

Maddee Cae Jones

Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-145751-569-9
List Price: 11.00
Available: December 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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It is 1998, as the end of the Mayan Calendar is quickly approaching, Mary Kay Smith (Alexion) and her boyfriend, Sam Collins journey to Reno, Nevada, so that Mary Kay can fulfi ll a promise she had made to her family from the stars. Mary Kay is confronted with unexpected challenges, and her life radically changes as she learns to once again trust in herself and develop her inner gifts. Mary Kay’s relationship with her daughter Ashley becomes a beacon of light for her, and she acquires Morgan, a beautiful loyal dog who becomes Mary Kay’s constant companion. And fi nally, she is fortunate enough to meet Nancy Sullivan, a strong spirited Irish woman who becomes her best friend and strongest supporter.

Maddee Cae Jones was born in Santa Monica, California on December 6, 1947. She was the fourth of seven children. Maddee graduated from high school in 1966, and after graduation she joined the United States Navy. She was married in 1968, and the union blessed her with two daughters. Maddee earned her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree, in Criminal Justice in 1979, and worked as a Detention Deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff ’s Offi ce, in Tampa, Florida, from October 1986, until March 1998. Maddee was divorced in 1989. After retiring from the Hillsborough County Sheriff ’s Offi ce, Maddee relocated to Reno, Nevada. She is currently employed with Washoe County, in a public service position.