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Shadows of a Christmas Eve

Weldon Sipe & Holly Sipe

Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-145754-040-0
List Price: 13.95
Category: Fiction
Available: October 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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Christmastime is the backdrop for this nightmarish memoir of the authors own risk-taking struggle for survival from financial ruin.
The events unfold in this otherwise peaceful small western frontier town shrouded in mysterious dreams and inexplicable manifestations of 19th century spirits who gave him the courage to accept the outcome he could not change.

Prior to the events of this memoir, Weldon Sipe worked more than 20 years in the Hollywood entertainment industry. His career included both behind and in front of the camera experience.
Weldon is most known for promoting and managing movie production on the Newhall Ranch (a 38,000 acre parcel just north of Los Angeles). It became the largest and most used movie ranch in the history of cinema. During his seven year management, more than 15 movie sets became permanent locations and activity reached more than 300 shoots per year and as many as 9 companies a day. The largest set ever build was for The Thornbirds, and the Little House on The Prairie town was located on the ranch for 9 years.
He started out his career as a Location Scout and Manager and worked for all major studios except Disney before relocating to Los Angeles. Weldon officially became an actor in 1979 after studying acting for 2 years on the Warner Brothers back lot at the Film Actors Workshop, but his first speaking part was with Larry Hagman in Up In The Cellar (1970). He had speaking roles in Better Late Than Never (1979), Great American Traffic Jam (1980), Supercross The Movie (1987), and numerous college film productions.
Writing is not new to him. He has written 9 screenplays over 40 years in partnership with a college professor from his film studies at New Mexico State University during the 60’s. This is his first completed novel to date.