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Self Guidance

Lonzolia M. Lesure

Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-145753-871-1
List Price: 9.99
Category: Inspirational
Available: June 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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This book is about helping everyone find help to guide them through life when they are faced with life’s problems and don’t have the answers. I wrote this book while chasing the feeling I had when I graduated from high school. That feeling was like the first time I fell in love, and like the time when I gave the shoes off my feet to a guy who had ripped shoes— the look on his face when I did that brought much joy to my heart. That’s why I wrote this book, to show that someone does care. I enjoy this book. May it help you through your trials and tribulations.

I’m a young African American guy who has much hope for the future. I’m twenty-five and love helping people succeed, especially the younger youth who’re troubled and have no hope for the future. I dedicate this book to God, who walked with me through this whole process and picked me up every time I fell. Also, I dedicate this book to my mother, Cheyenne L Schultz, for dealing with me through my tough times and for always pushing me to go harder in whatever I believed in. I’ll never forget that. I also dedicate this book to someone I love with all my heart, Lavesha Derleth, for always telling me to stay patient and keep God first. I love you for that. My last dedication goes to my twin sister, Orlandrea Lesure, for showing me the definition of success and patience. What you accomplished help motivate me, and I love you for that.

To all readers, this is just a piece of what’s to come from me, so remember, keep God first, and never give up.