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See Me Signing Alphabet

Janine Haldane

Pages: 58
ISBN: 978-145752-569-8
List Price: 19.99
Available: January 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Why teach sign language to hearing children?

There are many benefits of using sign language with hearing children. Learning signs early on gives children the confidence to interact with Deaf people who sign. Learning sign language is fun and entertaining! It can improve fine motor skills. When used in combination with a reading program, it helps the young reader develop important early literacy skills, such as alphabet recognition, print motivation, building vocabulary and phonological awareness. Signs literally draw a picture in the air. Representing reading and vocabulary in varied ways, through seeing, hearing, and the movement of signs, creates stronger memories for language and comprehension.

Give your child the gift of sign language!

My name is Janine Haldane. I am a busy mother of two and live in Raleigh, NC. Using my degree in Deaf Education, and working with both Deaf and hearing children, I was inspired to develop a unique preschool program for hearing children, incorporating sign language and literacy together. See Me Signing-Alphabet originated from a silly poem I have been teaching kids over the years, to help them remember the hand-shapes for the manual alphabet. Unlike most alphabet sign language books, my family and I used only signs that are initialized by letters of the alphabet.