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Seduction By Design: The Serialized Adventures of Carter Holiday Find Him Alternating Between the Corporate World and the CIA

Donald G. Wilson

Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-145752-948-1
List Price: 19.95
Category: Fiction
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Former FBI agent Donald G. Wilson’s latest book, “Seduction By Design,” follows up his explosive non-fiction book “Evidence Withheld,” which exposed both FBI and CIA involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This current narrative, “Seduction By Design,” is a fictional account of Carter Holiday, a modern day soldier of fortune who divides his time between petroleum corporate investigations and clandestine operations on behalf of the CIA. Carter Holiday’s dangerous lifestyle not only brings him face to face with murder and treachery, but also recounts his “by design” involvment with various women he refers to as “work related assistants”. In this book, “Seduction By Design,” which is the introductory serialized adventure of Carter Holiday, he finds pulsating danger in exotic locations including Mozambique and Trinidad. While battling to remain alive during the course of his investigations and espionage activities, he finds time to share his unique and unusual “philosophies of life” in an effort to understand his never ending romantic conquests and entanglements.

Donald G. Wilson was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. He graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. degree from Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee where he majored in sociology and religion. Continuing his education, he graduated from the University Of Tennessee College Of Law in Knoxville, Tennessee with a L.L.B. degree. Following employment as a labor relations attorney, he spent ten years as a special agent with the FBI during the turbulent 60’s and 70’s. After his FBI experience, he moved to the private sector becoming involved in preventing domestic and international terrorist events. He also played a key role in confi rming the hostile buildup in Granada setting the stage for the U.S. invasion. Wilson currently resides in suburban Chicago where he is an avid tennis player. Completed literary projects, in addition to his 2013 published book “EVIDENCE WITHHELD,” include this novel, “SEDUCTION BY DESIGN,” the fi rst in an ongoing series featuring the fi ctional exploits of Carter Holiday, a modern day “Soldier of Fortune.” Also completed is a non-fi ction sequel to “EVIDENCE WITHHELD,” titled, “THE MLK and JFK ASSASSINATION EVIDENCE.” This book provides the reading public with a look at notes handwritten by the killers of Martin Luther King Jr. while implicating the FBI and CIA in the assassination conspiracy. A sad note: Wilson was initially represented by literary agent Bob Silverstein, a highly respected agent for many years. Mr. Silverstein passed away shortly after accepting Wilson as his last client.