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Sassafras Cats of Izumba

John Crissman

Pages: 34
ISBN: 978-145752-946-7
List Price: 9.95
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The people of Izumba didn’t know what to do about the Rat Pack’s invasion. They only knew the stories of rats from their grandparents – – stories of how the Sassafras Cats chased the rats to the neighboring country of Yogastan. Now the returned rats ruined people’s picnics, took kids’ lunches and broke into people’s refrigerators for midnight snacks. They even watched the food network on the people’s TVs! Children and parents will giggle when they read this story. The children will learn an important message that even grumpy people can become nice! A glossary is included to help the children learn new words. A portion of the proceeds will go the charities Forgotten Harvest and Reach out and Read.

John D. Crissman lives in Birmingham, Michigan. John is a single father of Johnny, a fun nine year old. At his son’s suggestion John has started using his love of community service and creative writing to author children’s books and help the community. “The Sassafras Cats of Izumba” is a comedy about the Sassafras Cats who use catapults to take the Rat Pack by surprise and chase the rats to the neighboring country of Lackadaisicaland. On behalf of his son, John will give back to the community some of the proceeds from “Sassafras Cats of Izumba” to these charities: