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Rock The Shot!: Point and Shoot Photography Made Fun & Easy

Craig Norton and Bob The Big Red Ball

Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-145752-412-7
List Price: 29.99
Category: Nonfiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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In order to be truly creative, you have to be comfortable with the camera and understand how it works. Rock the Shot covers the basics, and is all about point-and-shoot cameras. Great photographs can be taken on any camera, regardless of the price you paid, the number of megapixels, or the size of the lens. If you have a good eye and a basic understanding of the camera, you can consistently take amazing photographs.

For every techie learning moment, this book will have several fun projects to practice new-found skills. In this way understanding has a chance to creep in. Once the camera is mastered, the reader will be inspired to experiment with creative ways to take interesting photos.

Craig teaches photography to people of all ages on a daily basis, and knows how quickly kids pick up on digital technology, and how challenged many adults can be with the same subject. For the kids, this book will not to talk down to them, while “digitally challenged” adult readers will find this book a stress-free learning experience.

Craig Norton, a professional photographer since 1986, has been taking pictures for over 40 years. At the moment, his favorite things to photograph are abstract close-ups and weird things that make people say, “Huh?”

Craig has used photography as an art therapy at a children’s hospital, giving patients a chance to forget they are sick or in pain. He works with Arts for Learning CT, going to schools to teach photography workshops and residencies. He has inspired thousands of kids, and his projects are used to not only teach photography, but to use the technology to better understand academic subjects and get along better using positive life skills. He loves teaching children because he doesn’t have to remind them twice to take creative risks and try something different.

Craig Norton also teaches adult education at museums and community art centers, and offers private lessons. He says, “My greatest joys and learning experiences have come through teaching what I love. It’s more about inspiration and creative expression.”