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Ribbons of War: A Simple Blue Hue

Lauren Ashley Villa

Pages: 292
ISBN: 978-145752-495-0
List Price: 16.95
Category: Fiction
Available: January 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Eliza Young is a privileged twenty year old in New York’s elite colonial society. A member of a loyalist family, she sees her world torn apart by war as neighbors and friends divide over American independence. Eliza endures the battle of New York, the great fire, and the carnage of war, clinging to a hope that Jacob will live. Jacob is in love with Eliza, but he is a patriot and her supposed enemy.
His vision of joining the American cause is based off romanticized principles. The troubles of the American army quickly show Jacob, fighting for freedom is marred with strife.

“I’m a day dreaming, history teacher from Virginia. My passions include advocating for public education, buying shoes and wearing the color orange. My books are about rebellions and romance. To me there is no greater opportunity to learn about life than through falling in love or fighting for social justice. Curl up with any of my books. Open your heart and fall in love. Find a cause worthy of your intelligent voice.
Dare to be the revolution.”