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Revenge of the Fallen Angel

Philip J Law

Pages: 268
ISBN: 978-145752-543-8
List Price: 19.95
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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The most realistic thing to the truth of what really happens in this corrupted greedy underworld, where corrupted police are owned, innocents are used as pawns in a game of chess by a man know as the Judge, were innocents is lost, were a respectable lady and ex miss Columbia Daniela Perez betrayed by those she loves the most and is forced to lie, cheat, steal and do anything to get her children back. Where a normal secret police witness protection officer Andres marino Jiménez loses it all in his bid to save her, they both will do anything to survive, with revenge as the motive, as the fear of not knowing is their greatest fear, for they can be your best friend, your neighbour or someone that just turns up at your house, you have no idea, then bang your dead, you can’t protect against the unknown entity or what you don’t know, you can only take the appropriate precautions, set the bait and draw them out into the open and trust no-one, it’s a game of nerves and the smartest always wins.