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Returning Blaze: Through Flesh and Bone

Fredrick S. dela Cruz

Pages: 532
ISBN: 978-145751-891-1
List Price: 24.95
Edition: Perfectbound

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He is trapped in an ingenious deception, preventing him from saving someone, from saving the world.
Seven weeks ago, before it began, he lived a life of self-made seclusion, born from the painful loss of his wife and little boy. Now, someone, devising a series of murders, drags him into a game of deceit and manipulation. But the murders are only meant to get his attention, and the ultimate goal is something more profound.
Who is he? What name does God burn into his flesh? Before his seclusion, supernatural entities conceived means to bring forth a powerful and terrifying being from a distant realm. The master planner of this scheme is the same one drawing him in: a cunning, enigmatic hooded man. The hooded man will thrust him into a collision with this supernatural world, in order to reveal to him what his pivotal role within it is.

Author’s Biography Fredrick S. dela Cruz lives in Southern California, with his wife and their boxer dog. Born in the Philippines, he has lived in the United States almost all of his life. He has a remarkable heritage from Norway that took root in America, when his ancestors’ family – resilient and faithful – immigrated to the U.S. in 1884. During the past years, he has gathered in family reunions with loving relatives who come from several states in the U.S. and Canada.
His formative life experiences are founded upon his Christian faith that developed in his college years.
With a career in Project Management and team leadership, he has developed a keen insight for assessing people’s personalities, desires, and motivations. Combined with his love for thrillers, supernatural fiction, and science fiction, they give him the ability to create deep and compelling characters in his writing that will take you through captivating journeys.