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Reflection To Revelation

Kina Dotson

Pages: 168
ISBN: 978-145753-108-8
List Price: 19.99
Category: Nonfiction
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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It has always been a strong desire for me to share on paper my refl ections as well as the revelations that come to me concerning certain topics or issues in life. It would be very rewarding if someone could benefi t from something I shared while I was still alive to hear their testimony. It is not often that one fi nds the time to break away from the hustle and bustle of their day to evaluate their thoughts or feelings. I would like to share a series of writings from my personal journal. My husband, Elliott Dotson, helped this dream of being a published author become possible. I hope that your life will be infl uenced by my refl ections as well as the revelations that I received on different topics from the word of God. When I composed this book I thought it to be relevant to reference different bible scriptures that helped direct me to fi nd clarity on different subjects as I refl ected on them. I encourage you to utilize the journal pages within this book. This will allow you to keep a journal of your own while reading along to record any ideas or revelations that may come to you as you read the different topics.

At the early age of fi fteen years old, I was a straight A student with a job. Track medals and academic achievements fi lled my room. I enjoyed attending church regularly. During one sermon, the pastor made a comment that some of the grown-ups could learn to be participators rather than observers by following my example. My demonstration of praise and worship as well as my relentless note taking caught the pastor’s attention. I was always taking notes as he preached. I held the fi rst chair as a fl ute playing band member. I also moved up the ranks as second Lieutenant in the Air Force ROTC program with many ribbons and honors draping my uniform. How much more could a fi fteen-year-old girl fi t on her plate? I had to fi nd out. I moved to, Toledo, Ohio, to live with my father to search after the one thing that I had not yet experienced—a social life outside of the overachieving one that I had grown weary of. My parents were very encouraging and supportive of their children. They encouraged us to pursue happiness. It wouldn’t take long for me to realize the only real valuable experience I was lacking was developing a loving relationship with the lover of my soul, Jesus Christ.