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Real Leadership! Are You Ready?: Rethinking and reframing personal and organizational potential and performance

Richard S. Dillard

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-145752-128-7
List Price: 19.95
Category: Nonfiction
Available: August 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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As Leadership goes, so goes the Group, the Organization, the Nation, et al. Yet in spite of this multi-millennial axiom, and the simple fact that we are the best leadership-educated society in the history of business, our encounters with genuine leaders remain extremely rare. Real Leadership! Are You Ready? examines this perplexing phenomenon and qualifies the principle cause as an unwillingness and/ or inability to take new leadership information and use it to improve our performance. It also provides the solution: a Leadership Enrichment LIFE-cycle (LEL-c) to help individuals and organizations build and sustain durable Leadership Platforms by pursuing the performance waypoints of learning, changing, growing and leading through successful navigation of their emotional connectors: awareness, acceptance, action and achievement. If you are ready to enrich your personal leadership and raise the level of leadership in your organization, this book is for you.
But I caution you ahead of time—this book and its measures of merit are a little different than the typical leadership development offering. It won’t offer instant solutions or allow for a casual engagement by the passive reader. No! It offers much more than that. It offers an active reader the opportunity to develop leadership in a way never before encountered. And all you’ll have to do in order to capitalize on it is reject the notion that reading equals leading. No one becomes a better leader just by reading books about leadership; it doesn’t work that way. In fact, reading about leadership over the life of your career no more makes you a leader than standing in a garage over the life of your home makes you a mechanic.
The principal measure of merit for Real Leadership! Are You Ready? is the extent to which it can steal you away from the impersonal and perfunctory activity of building leadership sandcastles (subject to the evening tide) so that you can move toward the personal and thoughtful actions of building Leadership Platforms with firm Footings, solid Foundations and strength-tested Framings. With your commitment and this book as guide, a personal and organizational leadership platform can emerge to actually withstand the world’s difficult tests of time and torrent. In Part 1, your thinking on leadership will be renewed. In Part 2, you’ll be offered the challenge of adopting the Leadership Enrichment LIFE-cycle. My sincere hope is that you’ll take it personally and apply it as the basis for reflecting on yourself as a leader and improving the impact you have on those who choose to follow. Then I hope you’ll use the strength of your personal Leadership Platform to elevate your organization’s Leadership Platform and, ultimately, transform the world through Real Leadership! Are You Ready?

Richard Dillard is an author and award-winning Performance Solutions Executive who really enjoys helping others improve personal and organizational effectiveness and efficiency. His domestic and international experience includes designing, developing and implementing business turnaround, organizational/ workforce development and operations excellence programs at the Enterprise and Business Unit level. Consistently recognized by senior leaders, peers and clients for innovative, high-touch, best-shore program design, development and delivery, Richard’s partnership with others routinely produces outcomes that exceed service level agreements and key performance parameters. A U.S. Marine (1984-1994) and Air Force Reservist (2009-Present), Richard currently works for SAIC as a management consultant and maintains professional collaborations with Human Synergistics International® (HSI), AchieveGlobal®, and Corpus Optima. He’s also certified as a project management professional (PMP), holds a Black Belt in Six-Sigma improvement methodology and was recognized in the Madison Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals – 2006-2007 “Honors Edition” of the Registry.
Over the past 30 years Richard has served in an astonishing 41 professional and social leadership roles, including 31 unique positions with 16 organizations spanning 12 career fields and 7 industries in the commercial sector and 10 positions with 7 organizations in the government and non-profit sectors. Overall, he has served in a variety of performance leadership roles with organizations ranging from Fortune 100, to small and medium-sized businesses, to entrepreneurial and consulting firms. One of these positions was Founder and Managing Partner of Dillard Partners, LLC.
Richard’s core competencies include leadership development, organizational culture and effectiveness, performance and learning solutions, strategic planning, quality management/operating systems, team building and problem solving, change optimization and business process reengineering and customer/vendor relationship management.
Some of Richard’s professional achievements that relate directly to personal and organizational leadership include: (1) awarded federal earmark grant for organizational culture and its impact on advanced manufacturing techniques through Schoolcraft College Business Development Center, (2) designed and delivered performance improvements through enterprise-wide change programs at three manufacturing clients that increased the efficacy of management and (3) facilitated numerous leadership development sessions that measurably improved both teamwork and problem-solving capabilities. His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal from the Secretary of the Navy for meritorious service from 1992-1994, the Award of Commendation from the American Meat Institute and National Safety Council for excellence in Safety Performance in 1997 and numerous organizational citations for superior performance.
Continually engaged in some facet of giving himself away, Richard recently launched a volunteer effort in his local community to improve school programs around violence prevention and action shooter response. Prior to this, Richard served as Co-Chair, Strategic Planning Committee at GO! Network in Saint Louis, MO.