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Rampage 1982: A Terrifying Tale of Intimidation, Plunder, and Vengence

B.D. Renard & John F. Nolan

Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-145753-144-6
List Price: 19.99
Category: Fiction
Available: September 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Rampage 1982 is rooted in the true story of Long Island’s most infamous crime spree. On Friday night, Memorial Day weekend 1982, five Brooklyn thugs, called the Belmont Avenue Boys, went to “get paid” on Long Island or as they called it, Babylonia, the biblical land of milk and honey. Their credo – if you want something, just take it – was demonstrated by the night’s work of random shootings, rapes, sodomies, pistol whippings, robberies, and terrorism by forcing diner patrons to “undress and have sex with the person next to you.” In an ultimate act of vulgarity, the Boys then urinated on several of the victims. Following their arrests and sentences of 3,000 years in prison, the outraged public learned of a defect in NY State law trimming the sentences to thirty years. True crime merges with fiction……As news of the Boys release circulates thirty years later, in 2012, a product of one of the rapes discovers the truth of his conception, and vows to avenge his mother’s degradation. Concocting a plan to snuff out the lives of the Boys, including his rapacious father, he recruits several victims of that night of horror, and he lures the Boys to a secluded warehouse, where appropriate justice is finally served.

J. F. Nolan is a native New Yorker, Following enlistment in the US Marine Corps, he served in the Nassau County, NY, Police Department for twenty-four years, with fourteen years as a supervisor in the Detective Division. Nolan completed his last nine years in the Homicide Squad. Promoted to Lieutenant of Detectives, Nolan became the Homicide Commander where he oversaw management of several hundred murder investigations. He resides on Long Island with his wife, Gundie. Rampage 1982 is his third novel. B.D.. Renard, also a native New Yorker, Army veteran, and retired businessman, has a personal and emotional interest in the story, as his daughter, home from college, began her first night as the hostess in the Seacrest Diner on that fateful evening back in May of 1982. Fortunately, she was not one of the physically abused, but like all of the other victims of that evening, had the trauma indelibly branded into her psyche. A recent widower, Renard, too, currently resides on Long Island. Together, the co-authors have produced a novel, based on the true story, but significantly fictionalized, to allow the reader to experience the driving needs of six victims of that night to wreak vengeance on the perpetrators .