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Ragland: The History of a Family

Margo “Ragland” Reid

Pages: 168
ISBN: 978-145752-082-2
List Price: 19.95
Category: Nonfiction
Available: July 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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This is our “Ragland” family’s lineage. It explains why we’re called, “Ragland”, how we connect to the great Kings of the world, who these people were, why they did what they did, and how we came to America. I spent over seven years fi nding all I’ve found and I found it because someone always kept track of our history. I wove it together like puzzle pieces. I even laughed out loud sometimes. Then, once I found who they were, I wanted to know what they did and why they did it. I hoped, if I knew this, I might actually know them a little bit. Then, the search became an obsession. The more I looked, the more I found, the more I found, the more I wanted to know. This is our family. I hope you’ll be blessed by knowing them as much as I am.

Margo is a musician and a screenwriter who lives on a farm in Tennessee with 6 horses, 32 goats, 3 dogs and one really bossy cat.