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Please Daddy Please: A Father and Daughter Journey Through Life

Donald Croteau

Pages: 30
ISBN: 978-145752-847-7
List Price: 13.99
Category: Children’s Books
Edition: Perfectbound

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Please, Daddy, Please is a simple yet important story about a storm, a bear, and the orphaned little girl he finds and raises as his own. It takes the bear, his new baby girl, and the reader on a journey through their lives from infancy to adulthood and is meant to offer a gentle, wonderful glimpse of the future to fathers and show them the tremendous impact they will always have, or have already had, on their daughters’ lives and emotional well-being. It is the hope of the author that this book will help the reader better understand the unique, complex relationship between dads and their daughters, and that it will be given and cherished and read together again and again.

Donald G. Croteau wrote this book after adopting his two beautiful daughters, Lily and Elizabeth. He wanted to put into words the tremendous feelings he began to have about what he realized was the absolutely unique, extremely complex, and critically important relationship between a dad and his little girl. The story is meant as a love note to his daughters and hopefully will be used as a guidebook for new dads starting out or a thank-you from older daughters for a job well done.