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Pink Hat’s Adventure with Kites | Pat Kellogg Roller

Pink Hat’s Adventure with Kites

Pat Kellogg Roller

Pages: 36
ISBN: 978-159858-957-3
List Price: 10.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: March 2009
Edition: Perfectbound

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Will Pink Hat’s “Special Power” save her in THIS Adventure? Pink Hat, a hat who can communicate with all living things, came to me as a gift from granddaughter Sarah. Pink Hat is bright, with the full range of emotions of a young child. She loves adventures more than anything. Her attitude of “me” over “we” and her lack of knowledge of how planet Earth works could destroy her in this adventure. The story begins as Pink Hat, after watching a seabird riding the big wind currents, decides she will ride on and control a small kite in a big wind! Although she tries again and again and learns something each time, she keeps failing. Tired, hurt and afraid, she wants to quit. But “quit” is not in her nature! So she learns about the energy in earth’s big winds. And, she begins to think, in a new way, about how to solve her problem. Will she be able to fly on and control a kite? Will her attitude change? What does she learn? Did she need her “special power” for this adventure?

Einstein stated,”You can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that created it.” Award winning, veteran children’s science teacher Pat Roller believes today’s serious problems call for a new kind of thinking. and her main character, Pink Hat, playfully expresses this in Pink Hat’s Adventure with Kites, created for elementary school children. Roller lives with her husband in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. They have three children and eight grandchildren. Her awards include: Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, and induction into ECU’s “Educators Hall Of Fame” 2008.