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Peter and the Talking Blue Whale

Mina Coccia

Pages: 34
ISBN: 978-145752-766-1
List Price: 14.95
Category: Children’s Books
Edition: Perfectbound

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When a very young visionary is labeled a teller of tall tales, he finds himself very lonely, without playmates. While everything that comes out of his mouth is an extraordinary yarn about some magical or monumental event, he’s busy trying to figure out the difference between imaginative thinking and real life. Children are naturally creative. Some parents believe there is no difference between lying and what child development professionals call “imaginative play.” The truth is, though, that imaginary friends, tall tales and exaggeration are all part of healthy childhood development. Such things often indicate a strong creative trait, a telltale sign of giftedness. For the imaginative thinker, everyday life may appear boring, and the dreamer may escape into fantasy and have a tough time separating what’s real from what’s not. Meanwhile, playing make-believe and having imaginary friends are things that help a child to learn about his/her environment and make sense of his/her place in it. Peter and the Talking Blue Whale is a charming story about a boy who is a natural-born story-teller with a remarkable imagination, who discovers how to make friends in a truthful, trustworthy and honest way.