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Permanent Seat: Story of Manhood Declared

Y.B. Raymond

Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-145753-087-6
List Price: 28.95
Category: Fiction
Available: August 2014
Edition: Hardcover (DJ)

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Goddess Way feminists holding sway over a reduced America are challenged by Americus Alliance, male dominated union of seceded states, for the United States’ permanent U. N. Security Council seat. Judge Philo Y. Murde confronts Genevieve Jester, a young feminist sent undercover by the U. N. Women’s Rights Commission purportedly to investigate egregious abuses of women’s rights by Americus. Deceitfully used as a pawn to checkmate actions of a runaway English king crucial to the international intrigue, she endures appalling anti-feminist indoctrination. Her brother—mysteriously associated with the king—is feared in danger. To effectively search for him she becomes a “declared man” there, complicating her romantic attraction to a man of hidden allegiances and placing herself in mortal danger. Murde and the DeedapD, a supposedly infallible lie detector, affect her search and the Security Council challenge in unanticipated ways. Genevieve’s fate and

The author of Permanent Seat is a college graduate of two Texas schools. At one he failed French twice but wouldn’t give up, scheduling and passing it the third time before getting a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in government. At the other school, a university law school, he managed to pass everything and got his degree to practice law, cum laude. He also passed the bar (on first try), practiced law in Dallas, and became an Assistant Attorney General of Texas. In between all that he taught high school and became the father of two boys and a girl. Now he writes books and lives with his wife, their mother, in Austin.