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Oscar: The Big White Horse (Who Didn’t Know He Was Big)

Leslie Anne Webb

Pages: 38
ISBN: 978-145752-831-6
List Price: 15.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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If someone asked when I began to walk, I couldn’t say. But I do know when I began to ride. I was only 3 and I’ll never forget the ponies at the fair, weaving their way through a maze of panels to take their riders on an adventure greater than traveling in circles. The moment I saw my first horse, I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough of them, and everyone I saw from that moment on, I had to excitedly exclaim, “look at the horses” with such overwhelming glee, it was as if nothing in the world mattered when in the presence of these magnificent animals.

Growing up with 3 siblings, and as the daughter of a fabulous artist and mother, I spent a great deal of time entertaining myself by painting and drawing. At the age of 3, I painted the perfect rendition of the horse as I saw him: spiritual, majestic, an vividly colorful. Horses had captured my heart with their beauty, their grace, and the language of their soul.

Today, my work still reflects the deep connection I have for these majestic animals, and the vivid colors portray the brightly energetic personalities they exude. Most of the horses I paint are those rescued by the United Pegasus Foundation and other rescue organizations. It is through knowing these horses that I find my greatest inspiration, for to stand and hug a horse, encompassing the awe of their strength and gentle nature at the same moment, leaves one utterly breathless. It is in this moment that we tend to take a deeper breath than normal, finding our rhythm slowing down to match that of our furry companion. And as Oscar says, “It’s the little things that matter most”.