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Oops I Learned My ABCs, Oops I Learned How to Read

Ricardo Hill

Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-145752-897-2
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The title of this book is called: Oop’s, I Learned My ABC’s; Oop’s, I Learned How to Read. I structured it by teaching and assessing early childhood children and found out how passionate they were about looking at books even though they didn’t know the words. After days and days of thinking about putting my book together; I came up with the world’s first alliterated children ABC story book. This book is very graphic and very fun to read. It will help children recognize and learn their Alphabet by seeing each ABC on its own desired page. The alliteration of each alphabet will help each child use proper pronunciation, distinguish between similar sounding alphabet, learn new and easy words, as well as, sound out each word. This book is great for the English language and will have children wanting the reader to read it more and more. The great thing is, the more the child hears the book, the easier it will be for them to sound out entire words which will help them learn how to read while having fun listening to the reader. Most of this book took place in an early childhood setting to promote children willingness to go to school and see different centers they use to assess the social, emotional, and cognitive skills on an early childhood level. It also contained several activities that teachers go over daily to help the child learn.

My name is Ricardo Hill and I am from a small town called Macon, Ms. I attended Noxubee County High School and later earned a bachelor’s degree from Alcorn State University in Recreation while playing football on a full athletic scholarship. I later earned a master’s in Early Childhood Education from the University Of Jackson State. I always knew that I wanted to work with young children throughout my life to teach them accountability, responsibility, set goals, and acknowledge the awareness of decision making at an early age. After graduating from Jackson State, I obtained a job teaching head start children to asses them on the many different ways they learn. While getting to know the profession, I developed a passion and found how easily children grasp the attention from various books I read; therefore, I developed a way for children to learn their Alphabet through an alliterated book that would also help them read. This has been a great experience working with children and developing new, fun, and easier ways for them to learn on an introductory level.