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Now I Understand Aphasia: Tell Me Town Books

Cindy Chambers Illustrated by Jim Huber

Pages: 34
ISBN: 978-145756-891-6
List Price: 14.95
Available: May 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Come with Beamer and his best friend Kyle as they learn about aphasia from experts with years of experience. Join them as they learn what aphasia is, and how to help their dear friend who has just been diagnosed. This endearing story of friendship will encourage you to communicate with someone who has aphasia. You will learn that you really can make a difference.

Cindy Chambers is a national award winning author who has written over 20 books for Tell Me Town, collaborating with highly respected doctors and other medical, health and safety experts.

Cindy has been associated with charitable giving for many years. Because of her strong interest in education, health, writing, and helping others, she created The Beamer Book Series™, Tell Me Town Books™, Tell Me Town™, and The Tell Me Town Foundation. Cindy has received awards and recognition for her commitment to helping others, and for Tell Me Town and The Beamer Book Series. Cindy was also nominated for a national award for creating Tell Me Town. The author and the series have appeared in many news and magazine articles, and on television news.

Cindy was raised in a large family filled with lots of laughter, children, and pets. She has enjoyed writing since she was a child. Cindy lives in Virginia with her family and three dogs where she enjoys writing each new story for Tell Me Town™.

About the Illustrator: Jim Huber has illustrated over 20 books for Tell Me Town and has worked with its author on illustrative projects to make complex health, medical and safety issues easier for children to understand through his thoughtful artistry for many years. Jim has received awards and recognition for his creative illustrations. He lives in Virginia with his wife, his twin children Jay and Serena, and his dog Zippy. Jim has been drawing cartoon characters most of his life. He was selected for The Beamer Book Series, Tell Me Town Books, and Tell Me Town because of his artistic ability and creativity.

About The Tell Me Town Foundation The Tell Me Town Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity, established to provide comfort and education to children and their families as they learn about the challenges of life. Through The Beamer Book Series, Tell Me Town Books, and the Tell Me Town web site, children and their families visit the characters in an entertaining place where everyone is treated with kindness and respect and where education is encouraged.

Tell Me Town has been nationally recognized for “Excellence in Explaining Health Issues”. With five star reviews, Tell Me Town, Tell Me Town Books and The Beamer Book series continue to be enjoyed by families in the United States and in many other countries as well.

To find out more about Tell Me Town, The Beamer Book Series, and Tell Me Town Books, please visit us at www.tellmetown.com, “Like” Tell Me Town on Facebook to see news and lots of fun pictures, and follow us on Twitter.

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Ray Robinson

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