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No One Is Innocent

Sam Lobley

Pages: 222
ISBN: 978-145753-910-7
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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Clara Tulit leads a busy life as a secretary to esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Weihen. She spends her days catering to the needs of her boss, whom she has grown to dislike, and doesn’t have much time for anything else. But when Texas billionaire Mitch Greenway—a patient of the doctor—is murdered in cold blood, Clara is put into an unusual situation. Weihen, a man she hates, is suspected of a crime she is convinced he did not commit. She fights her immoral urges and launches her own investigation to find the true killer, but can she overlook her past to preserve a man’s innocence?

Sam Lobley is from Port Washington, New York. At the time of writing No One Is Innocent, he is finishing his senior year in high school and plans to attend Tufts University. He loves to act, read, and play music. He performs jazz on the alto saxophone as a hobby, and occasionally studies the piano and guitar. As an avid mystery fan (his favorite author being Agatha Christie), he is overjoyed to finally bring his own idea to life on the page. He looks forward to writing more in the future.