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Dog Ear Publishing releases “A Templar’s Journey: Under the Cross and Crescent” by W.R. Chagnon.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “A Templar’s Journey: Under the Cross and Crescent” by W.R. Chagnon.

Author W.R. Chagnon revisits the adventures of Roland, a young squire of the Knights of the Templar, in this new release by Dog Ear Publishing. Chagnon’s youthful hero’s latest experiences in 12th century Jerusalem are just as thrilling as the previous chapters of this young adult trilogy.

Squire Roland is back, and the danger he faces as a crusader in Jerusalem has escalated. Roland is the councilor to the grand master of the Temple, and he finds himself embroiled in more intrigue than ever, masterfully relayed in this new novel released by Dog Ear Publishing. As Roland serves the Temple and fights in the name of Christianity, he is aided by his friends and allies, but his life is endangered when he discovers assassins are stalking him.

Roland’s life is not entirely spent fighting in the Holy Land, however; his heart is captured by the lovely Lady Marie of Baux, whose love for Roland stays strong even as they are separated by the vagaries of the Crusades. Roland’s desire to make Lady Marie his wife is usurped by his duty to the Temple, and his devotion to his work ends in his capture by the Islamic contingent. Will Roland free himself, allowing his work for the Knights of the Templar to continue and his love for Lady Marie to lead to marriage, or is this the end of the brave Squire Roland’s exploits? “A Templar’s Journey: Under the Cross and Crescent” is a gripping tale of one of the most fascinating periods of history, and Squire Roland is a worthy hero.

Author W.R. Chagnon and contributing editor Judith Ann Chagnon, his sister, have teamed up again to bring Squire Roland back to life in this, the second novel in the trilogy following Roland’s adventures. Chip tapped into his 35 years of U.S. Army service and his love of medieval history to create this world. Judith, a journalism graduate and writer for the Eagle-Tribune newspaper in Massachusetts, used her writing background to collaborate on the series that examines the life of the Knights of the Templar and their followers on an intimate level. They are working on the final book in the trilogy, “A Templar’s Journey: The Final Glory.”


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A Templar’s Journey: Under the Cross and Crescent

W.R. Chagnon

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-3449-2 252 pages $13.99 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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