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Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Last White Horse” by Alexander G. Belisle.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Last White Horse” by Alexander G. Belisle.

Author Alexander G. Belisle evokes the chaos of the transition from one decade to the next in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. The narrator, Gray, tries to grasp the familiar as everything around him changes, including himself.

As Gray Chandler started his sophomore year at Blaker University, he was eager to see what the year would bring. He’d spent the summer on the cape, notes this new novel, working with his friend and fraternity brother Dan Goldwaite, a notorious ladies man and party animal. The two boys picked up a pair of pretty hitchhikers heading back to school, and the couples embarked on very different relationships.

Gray and Kate took it slow, enjoying each other’s company and getting to know one another better; Dan and Amy embarked on a steamy physical relationship, both enjoying the freedom college allowed them. By New Year’s Eve 1969, however, their relationship would encounter issues from which it didn’t seem possible to recover. Gray watched with horror as his friend and roommate turned into someone he couldn’t respect, much less like.

The situation on campus took a turn for the worse as well as the anti-war protesters ran into the brick wall of the college administration. Gray and his peers found themselves questioning the people they were supposed to be admiring, including their parents and their professors as well as national political figures.

The Last White Horse” is a fictionalized record of very distinct period of time, a time in which long-held traditions and mores were questioned and, in some cases, found wanting. Change was imminent, and the novel effectively reflects the manner that these changes affected a very average young man of the time.

Alexander G. Belisle was a young professor during the time period in which his novel was set, allowing him a front-row seat for the tumult found on most campuses. His specialty is Old and Middle English Literature, and he taught at Becker College for 38 years. This is his first novel.



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The Last White Horse

Alexander G. Belisle

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-3679-3                        292 pages                        $15.00 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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